If you are looking for a place in Umbria where you can spend a few hours of peace and quiet, with splendours of art and culture, we suggest you make a trip to Bevagna, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

Particularly the Middle Ages shaped the urban structure of Bevagna, giving to the town charming alleys, fascinating architectures and spectacular monuments.

When you visit Bevagna you can not overlook the historical centre, where the Middle Ages meet the Roman Era.

In the main square, Piazza Filippo Silvestri, you can find the Gothic Palazzo dei Consoli that since 1886 houses the Torti Theatre (a gem that can hold only 140 seats), the Romanesque churches of San Silvestro (1100 AD) and St. Michael Archangel (1100 AD).

Furthermore, the Temple of the second century A.D. (transformed into the church of Madonna della Neve) and the baths of the second century A.D., where ancient mosaics are still visible, are worth seeing.

The visit to the Roman Theatre is very interesting: hidden in the heart of Bevagna, you can admire right inside the reconstitution of a medieval house.

Bevagna is the place par excellence where you can stop and find yourself far away from the urban clamour.