The central point of Foligno, Piazza della Repubblica also contains some of the towns finest and most interesting buildings, such as the Cathedral, the Palazzo Comunale and the Palaz­zo Trinci.

The Cathedral, built at the beginning of the 12th century, has two façades, one looking onto Piazza del Duomo and the other onto Piazza della Repubblica. The latter, Romanesque in style, is particularly handsome, with a fine doorway, above which there is a series of arches between two elegant rose-windows. The interior has been redesigned several times, by Piermarini and Vanvitelli among others. In the presbytery there is a fine statue of St. Feliciano, patron saint of Foligno.

The 14th century Palazzo Trinci houses the Picture Gallery and con­tains numerous rooms frescoed by Ottaviano Nelli, Mezzastris, Bar­tolomeo di Tommaso and Benozzo Gozzoli.

Other buildings worth a visit include the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Infraportas, built in the 11th century and containing frescoes and paintings in the Byzantine style, the 13th century church of San Salvatore with fine Gothic doorways and polychrome decorations, and the churches of the Nunziatella, of San Giacomo and San Nicolò.

Near Foligno, situated in an evocative natural setting, is the Abbey of Sassovivo, built by Benedictine monks in the 11th century.