From Rectory to private Residence to design Hotel

A long history

The walls of this small hotel in the heart of Umbria, seep history, both in the name, which is the one of the family that lived here since the 18th century, and in its Renaissance origins. The main structure in fact dates back from the 15th century, while the small church which lies along one side of the courtyard, is from the neoclassical period. With its single nave and a small apse, the church was built by Mancia family to celebrate private masses.

In the 20th century, the church was also opened for religious services in the neighborhood, so that for the locals (of Prato Smeraldo and Via dei Trinci) the church has always been a place of devotion. Inside, in fact, there was a statue of a Madonna long preserved (which is currently located in the Church of the Beata Angela). Rumour has it that when there were the bombings of World War II, during which the city of Foligno was hit hard and damaged, the statue protected the district, miraculously saving people and buildings.

In the early 2000s, after the death of the last two unmarried heirs of the family, the house, offered for sale, was converted into a hotel, which was then inaugurated in 2003. The hotel preserves certain identifying traits of its significant past, such as the beams, the cross vaults, stuccos of some rooms, the magnificent wooden ceiling of the living room on the first floor and much more.