Balcony of Umbria

Known as the Balcony of Umbria, Montefalco dominates the valley from Perugia to Spoleto. For its frescoes it is considered a sanctuary Umbrian and Tuscan art.

Walking along the walls of the old town there are four gates: Porta S. Agostino, the most majestic one with its Ghibelline battlements, Porta della Rocca, demolished in the early twentieth century, Porta Camiano, which takes its name from one of the hamlets of Montefalco and Porta Federico II, dedicated to the emperor.

Worth a visit are the Church of S. Agostino (XIII-XIV century), which contains frescoes of the Umbrian-Sienese school of painters Nelli, Lorenzetti, Mezzastris, Pupil, Melanzio, Caporali, and the Museum Complex of St. Francis, important example of Renaissance art the of the XV-XVI centuries.