The Quintana Tournament is an annual event which recalls the costumes, festivities and contests on horseback of the past. It dates back at least to the 17th century, but was probably already being celebrated, in a different form, at an even earlier date. The Tournament takes place in the town stadium in mid-June and in mid-September. It consists of a contest in which ten riders, one for each district of the town, attempt to thread their lance through a ring hanging from a puppet representing the god Mars, while galloping on horseback. The contest itself is preceded by a series of traditional ceremonies and by a splendid historical parade in period cos­tumes which, in the early afternoon, winds its way through the streets of the town with the coats of arms of the various districts. The Tournament is a memorable event, not only for the splendour of its costumes and the skill and competitive spirit shown in the horse­back contest, but also for the special atmosphere which succeeds in creating.