Cibi del Mondo | Foods from all over the world

04 May 2017 | 07 May 2017

Cibi del mondo is the event that tells the history and culture of peoples through the flavours, the cuisine, the smells of spices and beverages. A history as big as the world, from the Americas of Columbus to hot dogs, from spices brought from Marco Polo to the Cantonese cuisine in the European suburbs, the potato and the tomato, now symbols of Italian cuisine, imported only in the Renaissance. In conclusion, four days to find out what it was before and afterwards, and where, through tastings and history lessons, but also the international street food with cuisines from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Austria, USA, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Vietnam, India, Scotland, France, Belgium, the Italian regional dishes and delicacies of our territory. So much more, topped off with music, entertainment, culture and fun for young and old people.