Spello is one of the most characteristically Umbrian towns. Picturesquely situated on the slopes of one of the foothills of Mt. Subasio, it is also one of the most interesting Umbrian towns.

A visit to Spello should include a stroll through the old town centre, in which the most typical and picturesque features of medieval Umbria are to be seen. The following churches are absolutely worth visiting: the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea, with frescoes by Pinturicchio; the church of San Lorenzo with a number of fine paintings and sculptures; the church of San Claudio (on the outskirts), small but of interest due to its unusual design based on distorted proportions, aimed at producing peculiar optical effects; and lastly the church known as the Chiesa Tonda (Round Church), dating from the 16th century. Overlooking the town above is the Rocca (Fortress), which dates back to the 14th century but is now reduced to little more than a tower. Close by is the small church of the Cappuccini and the splendid Belvedere, from which panoramic views can be enjoyed.

We can end our visit by wandering through the town’s streets and squares, imagining without much difficulty how life must have been in the past.